This organization is formed for the purpose of uniting horseman and horse lovers of the South Mississippi area, and through united efforts to cultivate throughout this area interest in horses and every horse activity: to assist and encourage the sponsorship of horse shows, parades, riding clubs and any other media that will further the interest of horses and horsemen.

The present boundaries of the Association shall be: East, Alabama-Mississippi line: West, Louisiana-Mississippi line: North, a line parallel with the southern boundary limit to the Five County Horse Show Association: South, the Gulf of Mexico.
In the mid ’60, a group of concerned horsemen got together at Mr. Horace Ladner’s house on Pass Road in Gulfport, MS. In attendance were representative from four clubs from the Gulf Coast Area. Representing 21 Riders was Mr. Horace Ladner and Mr. Gil Switzer, for Lazy B was Mr. Herman Mills, for ‘U Fore’ was Dr. Underwood Fore and representing the ‘Woolmarket Lions Club’ was R. Richardson. When they showed horses, these gentlemen wanted to compete by the same rules at every arena so they adopted a set of ‘rules’ to go by. All ‘games’ had their guidelines and the rest were governed by the American Quarter Horse Association. As a result, the SOUTH MISSISSIPI HORSE SHOW & RODEO ASSOCIATION was started.
Story courtesy of Mr. Gil Switzer

After more than 45 years, and through economic hard times the SMHS&RA continues to strive.  From the beginning, the Association has encouraged our children to practice good sportsmanship.  As encouragement an "award" was given to the child who, win or lose, took it like a champ, although he/she may not have been the better horseman or the first place winner.  Today, we continue these principles by presenting a yearly "Youth Sportsmanship Award". 
This years winner can be found on our Awards page. 
Written by Mrs. Betty Doucet
Mission Statement 
Dear friends,

I would like to start out by saying thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the support provided during the 2013 show season.  I updated the schedule for 2014 show season today.

We must strive once again ths year to continue the growth of South MS Horse Show and Rodeo association.  Our directors worked hard the last two years to try to improve the association.  Please keep check on the rules and by-laws for changes in the near future.  Also, we have revamped the awards so check that also.

I ask again that everyone keep in mind this is a family affair and to keep our code of sportmanship at high standards.  I am working closely with the directors to get all the updates to rules and booking of show dates completed. 
Thanks once again.
Carmen Davis, Chairman
2013 S.M.H.S.&R.A.
Horses - if God made anything more beautiful, he kept it for himself. ~Author Unknown

South Mississippi Horse Show & Rodeo Association
By-Laws, Rules & Regulations 
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Other 2014 Association Officers:
Vice Chairman, Wesley Allen
Secretary, Mindy Moran Clark
Treasurer, Joe Cobb
Point Keeper, Megan Allen

JAN. 15, 2014
Rules and Bylaws updated 2/9/14